Caravan Gas Repairs on the Sunshine Coast

There’s nothing worse than travelling to your destination and finding out you’ve got a gas leak or the fridge won't work on gas. If you’re based in or are travelling through the Sunshine Coast and require caravan gas services, we can help. Call Peter – a professional Gas Fitter based on the Sunshine Coast today on 0415 737 357.

caravan and rv gas fitter

We supply the following services to customers in the Sunshine Coast region:-

  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • Gas Appliance Repair to Ovens and Cooktops
  • Thetford Caravan Fridge Repair
  • Dometic Caravan Fridge Repair
  • Suburban Water Heater Repair and Parts
  • Truma, Atwood, Swift and Girard Repairs
  • Safety Checks

Caravan gas repairs before you go or as you’re travelling through

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your caravan checked over by a professional gas fitter, now’s the time to organise it. We can check and service all gas fittings and gas run appliances in your caravan to make sure your home away from home is running in top condition before you pull out of the driveway into the great unknown.

If you’re holidaying in the Sunshine Coast area, or are travelling through and looking for a mobile caravan gas fitter to fix, repair or replace an appliance or gas related part, we can get you sorted.

Call Peter on 0415 737 357 as we have lots of different gas parts for caravans in stock or will likely be able to order them in for you if you’re staying on the Sunshine Coast for a few days.

Many plumbers I've spoken to don't want to deal with caravan and RV gas appliances. They may advertise that they do gasfitting but it's easy to run a length of copper pipe and test it for leaks. It's another thing to diagnose and rectify problems on compact and unusual gas appliances. Especially intermittent ones. Fault finding on appliances owes a lot to experience. Having worked as a gas service engineer for 35 years and counting, I should know a thing or two about gas repairs by now.

Gas hot water repairs

Popular for a reason, the Suburban hot water heater for caravans, motorhomes and assorted RV is nice and easy to work on with a drop down door at the front. Spare parts that I carry for this little storage heater are the main gas valve, ignition electrodes, the pcb control board and the door latch assembly. That probably covers 95% of breakdowns that require a spare part.

A fairly common fault with the Suburban is wear and tear on the gas valve which causes it to pass a small amount of gas through to the burner when it shuts down. Either there is debris on the valve seat or the valve is getting worn. Either way, owners don't know about this fault unless they get a gasfitter to do a safety pressure test which then shows up as a leak. The risk is that if you have a burner chamber full of un-burnt gas when the ignition starts you may get a loud pop as the gas ignites. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to replace the valve with a new one. Apart from the risk of damage to the appliance with this problem, you are obviously wasting gas if it seeps away 24 hours a day unchecked with the cylinder turned on.

suburban gas repair
Soapy water used to detect leaking gas at the burner jet

The other common water heater (The Truma) is made from stainless steel so does not require a sacrificial anode. What grade of steel is used I'm not sure but more than one has sprung a leak at vulnerable points. On the whole, all gas appliances are generally very reliable. It's just some are more difficult to repair when they do break down. The Truma being a case in point. To gain access to the burner, electrodes, gas valve, thermostats etc.. requires complete removal from its location to somewhere that the casing can be removed. Easier said than done when it's built in under a bedside wardrobe and the pipework is in the way. Fingers crossed your Truma doesn't break down. But if it does...

Three way gas fridge repair

Dometic and Thetford lead the way with gas fridges for caravans. The newer styles have electronic ignition compared to the older style standing pilot light (main burner). Again, fairly reliable (if installed correctly) but susceptible to insects finding a nice home in the flue or elsewhere when not in use. There's not a hell of a lot you can do to stop it. When bugs want to invade your property they will. Especially ants.

gas fridge repair
Gas fridge burner blocked by insect nest debris

Three way gas fridges work well when installed per the manufacturer’s instructions. The main goal is to have a rising column of cool air flowing up through the condenser coils and expelling the hot air out through the top vent. They still work when installed badly but will be much more efficient when fitted with the requirements. That being:

  • Keep the distance from the back of the fridge to the outer van wall as specified. If this can't be done, a baffle should be fitted to deflect rising air towards the condenser.
  • The upper vent should be fitted wholly above the fridge condenser.
  • The top of the fridge should be sealed with mineral wool or the likes to prevent hot air from stagnating. Again, a deflector screwed in place will help hot air escape quickly and improve refrigeration efficiency.
  • The gap at the sides of the fridge should be kept within the specification of the instructions.

Some van builders don't seem to employ people capable of following these simple rules. And every van is supposed to be inspected for correct and compliant gas installation before being issued with a gas certificate. It's very frustrating for gasfitters out in the field trying to rectify things that should have been done properly in the first place. If you need any repairs done on your van gas appliances or need advice about any gas appliance be it water heater, fridge, gas stove or slide out cooking appliance, please contact me by phone or see the contact tab

Spare Parts

Many spare parts can be ordered from Brisbane suppliers. Others have to be ordered from Sydney and Melbourne manufacturers and importers.  If you are desperate for a part, you may be lucky to find it available in a local caravan repair shop but will likely pay a premium for it. For any spare parts enquiries please let me know the make, model and serial number if possible and I'll see what I can do.

spare parts order
Thetford fridge top controls