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Don’t risk your pride and joy with any old gas fitter – make sure the gas installer you choose has experience and is up to date with the latest rules and regulations regarding caravans and motorhomes. Don't pay twice. Guaranteed quality workmanship.

Peter has been working in gas-related roles since 1983 and is highly experienced in both commercial and domestic gas fitting for pretty much anything on wheels.

caravan cylinder storage

Making sure your caravan or motorhome gas installations are up to code isn’t just about making sure you don’t cop a fine if you’re ever pulled over by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, it’s about ensuring the safety of the ones you love most who will no doubt be on holidays with you most of the time (not to mention making sure the caravan is OK too!).

Caravan gas installer located in Queensland's beautiful Sunny Coast

We can help out with a wide range of gas installations for your caravan or motorhome and offer gas installation services for the following products:-

  • Fridges
  • BBQs and Stoves
  • Gas Bayonets
  • Gas Bottles
  • Cookers and Cooktops
  • Heaters
  • Grills and Hotplates
  • Ovens
  • Water Heaters

If you live on the Sunshine Coast and need gas installations for your caravan or motorhome, give Peter a call on 0415 737 357 and he’d be happy to chat with you about a range of different options when it comes to installations of gas appliances and products.

Gas regulations for RV's

Gas installations for caravans, motorhomes and boats etc are covered by a specific set of regulations that gasfitters need to purchase in addition to the AS/NZ 5601 regulations and the AS 1596 regulations for LPG. Unfortunately all these books aren't cheap, usually running at over $200 for each one. Way to go government money grabbers! To engage someone to have a crack because they've fitted copper pipe before and a 'how hard can it be' attitude is asking for trouble later on down the track. There are so many rules and regulations for gasfitting on caravans and RV and they add more with every review. The latest update should be coming out soon as the last major revision was in 2013. Expect to see new rules about the problem of aftermarket workshops installing electrical equipment next to the gas cylinders on the draw bar.

Correct pipe sizing

Most caravans and motorhomes are piped with 3/8" copper which usually means you have spare capacity to add a heater or a BBQ bayonet point. If you have a van that is piped from the regulator in 5/16" copper then your gasfitter will have to work out if you have enough supply. You don't want to find that having paid hundreds of dollars to add an extra appliance that it only works if the stove and hot water aren't using gas. Many unhappy customers blame the appliance manufacturer if something doesn't work but in reality, it's poor workmanship that often causes the problem.

caravan gas installer
Cutting the existing gas line to run pipe for a new barbecue bayonet valve

Safety issues

Every time a gasfitter alters or extends a gas fitting line, he has to issue a gas certificate. This means that to be granted a gas certificate, the existing gas installation has to comply with the regulations that were in force at the time the van first got gas installed. Having the correct high and low ventilation has always been a requirement so if it has been blocked off it will have to be sorted to comply. You can't stop people covering their vents while they travel on dusty roads but some people seem to think that permanently blocking ventilation for the gas is perfectly OK. It's not. Propane burns at a ratio of 2 - 11% gas in air. Gas needs oxygen to burn correctly. People need oxygen to live properly. Don't block off all your vents and then go for a sleep while a chicken's in the oven!

Gas appliances

Gas heaters for Southern winter travel are a good but expensive investment for your van. Not every van is capable of having them fitted as the manufacturer has a strict rule about the length of the flue (maximum of 1m in the case of the Truma gas heater). Stretching or extending the flue is just shortening the life of the appliance and in breach of the gas regulations. Each job is different and needs to be carefully quoted on.

truma gas heater install

Gas barbecue bayonet points

A popular upgrade is adding an outdoor bayonet gas point for alfresco cooking. Some barbecues can be heavy users of gas though so care must be taken in ensuring there is enough gas available. It's usually just a 2 - 3 hour job to add a bayonet valve to the nearside. Usually a bit more on a motorhome as it's not so easily accessed under there and you generally need a flush mounted valve to be fitted. But once fitted, it's great to be able to cook outside.

For all gas upgrades and appliance installation quotes, please get in touch via phone or see the contact page. All quotes are free and no obligation. 

gas bbq bayonet install