A gas bayonet valve is a very simple way to connect portable appliances such as barbecues, portable hot water units, slide out cooking and the different kinds of space heaters. They are easy to plug into and are safe when disconnected. Whether for your home & granny flat or for your caravan, bus or camper trailer, a bayonet adds functionality and value.

gas heater bayonet valve

Portable gas heater point

Bayonet valves come in two different styles. Floor mounted as in the image above. Or flush mounted where the pipe comes through the wall rather than up through the floor. If you are in a slab house then a flush mounted valve is usually fitted. For a Queenslander with adequate access to underneath, it is often much easier to fit a floor mounted valve.

Popular portable gas heaters include Rinnai, Paloma and Everdure. Be careful if buying a second hand heater from Gumtree or eBay. Always ensure that you are buying an LPG heater that runs on propane and not a natural gas heater if you intend on using it here on the Sunshine Coast. Whilst it is possible to convert a natural gas heater to run on LPG, manufacturers will often only sell the kit through a third party store such as Reece plumbing and the cost is quite expensive for what is just a brass jet or two and a spring for the regulator. Please ask for advice if in doubt.

BBQ point for the entertainment area

outdoor bbq install

Being able to plug your BBQ into a bayonet point is a great idea as generally your gas system will be operating with 2 cylinders whether it's 2 x 45kg cylinders or 2 x 9kg. That means if you have an automatic changeover valve you won't run out of gas in the middle of cooking the steak to perfection. Or if you have a manual changeover valve, it only takes a second to flick the lever over. No more locating the spare cylinder and finding a spanner to swap the pigtail over. Moreover, 2 x BBQ size bottles can be fitted in relative close proximity to your intended BBQ area. You don't have to run a gas pipe from the far side of the house if that's where your other gas cylinders are. Feel free to contact me for a free quote.

Bayonet fitting for your caravan or RV

gas bayonet valve on caravan

Nothing beats pulling up at the side of the road, sliding out the Weber or whatever you have and then having the snags sizzling away within seconds. Again, bayonet valves can be either flush mounted or angled. It depends on where you want it mounted. The only thing to mind is the pipe sizing. Some caravans and RV's have 5/16th" copper pipe running from the regulator to the stove, fridge and hot water. This could mean there is no spare capacity to add further appliances. The solution of course is just to run a new line from the regulator direct to the bayonet valve to ensure you have enough gas for cooking. Of course other plumbers may tee in regardless even though the gas regulations specifically say you must have enough supply for all appliances. There must be nothing more frustrating for people trying to cook on the BBQ at the back of the bus when the hot water kicks in and the spuds and veg are getting boiled on the stove and taking all the gas. Worth bearing in mind...