Hot water on tap when and where we want it is something we have come to take for granted. We love it. Until it breaks down. No matter what type of gas hot water appliance you have, help is at hand. With many years of experience Peter can repair or if required, replace your existing hot water unit with a modern reliable heater. Call for help. Servicing the Sunshine Coast.

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Electronic continuous flow water heaters

If you have a Rinnai, Rheem, Bosch, Dux, Chromogen or any other type of electronic instantaneous type of gas water heater then there are a few things that you may be able to check before calling for professional help:

  • Try resetting the appliance by turning off the electricity at the socket/plug. Make sure all taps are off first or it won't reset.
  • Are you sure there is gas? Are all valves on? Is there gas to the stove?
  • If the water flow from the hot tap seems much slower than usual it could be a clogged filter. This is found on the cold water supply just below the heater.

If none of these things work then don't hesitate, get in touch and book an appointment for a visit. Sometimes the main gas cylinder regulator goes faulty or a gecko has shorted out an electrical component (RIP gecko). There are a myriad of reasons that gas hot water heaters fail to ignite but on the whole, they are very reliable.

Bosch Hydropower type water heaters

The Bosch Water Wizard and Hydro Power range of gas hot water heaters have been popular for decades due to the fact that they do not require mains electricity to work. Operating on a simple 'water diaphragm lifting up to activate ignition' principle, they have no expensive electronics to replace.

Spare parts that I keep in stock for the Bosch Hydro are the diaphragm kits, hydrogenerator flow sensor, ignition control boxes, gas solenoids, flame ignition electrode and rectification probes to name but a few. Bosch have advised me that they have a full contingent of service agents on the Sunshine Coast. Their loss is your gain. I can repair your gas hot water unit and supply genuine spare parts much cheaper than a service agent would. All work guaranteed.

Hydro gas repair diaphragm
Diaphragm inspection after removing the water section

Storage type gas water heaters

Gas storage hot water units are very simple affairs and the most common issue here is just simply lack of service. Often the pilot light will get debris in it and will require removal and servicing. As many of these units (which includes Rheem Stellar, Aquamax, Vulcan and Dux Prodigy) have permanent pilot lights that continually heat a thermocouple, then so the thermocouple can eventually burn out and require replacement. I carry an assortment of thermocouples, spark generators, pilots and gas valves on my truck. Often, just cleaning the pilot injector is all that is required to get the hot water unit working again.

Commercial gas hot water

Commercial enterprises such as Clubs and Motels may own their own hot water systems (rather than it being owned by Origin or Energex) and these to can be repaired and serviced for a sensible rather than ridiculous price. I carry a few spares for commercial hot water systems such as Raypak pilot jets, thermostats, gas valves etc. If you would like to book in for preventative maintenance before you have a breakdown then great! If however, like most people, you are in need of urgent repairs then call straight away and let's keep your customers happy.

commercial gas service repair