If you are building a new house or looking to get gas put on for the first time then I can design and install a new gas installation that is guaranteed to comply with all legislation and be sized correctly. But please don't ask me to sign off on unlicenced gas work

sunshine coast gas installer
Automatic regulator and neat pipework installed at Samford Village

Getting gas for the first time

As we have no natural gas mains here in the Sunshine Coast (even though the transmission mains runs past us on it's way to Brisbane), we have instead several reliable LPG propane cylinder suppliers such as Hotgas, Supagas, Elgas, KLMgas and Origin. These gas network operators will supply cylinders ranging from 15kg - 45kg and beyond (for commercial or large gas requests). To be eligible for delivery though, they must receive the gasfitters gas certificate either before or on the day of delivery. The normal process is as follows:

  • Gasfitter installs your gas regulator, pipework and appliances
  • Gasfitter tests your pipework and appliances with his own small gas cylinder
  • Once everything is commissioned, gasfitter issues gas certificate (2 parts)
  • Gas Company deliver and connect gas on a set day and take their copy of the gas certificate

The larger cylinders (45kg) are fine if you are getting gas hot water. Depending on how many people are in your household, you may use 2 - 6 45kg cylinders or more per year. If you are only want to change from electric cooking to gas cooking then there is an option to supply your own BBQ size 9kg cylinders. In doing so, there is no annual service fee to pay. You simply take your cylinder, once emptied, to a cylinder exchange place such as a petrol station or your nearest hardware store or you have the bottle refilled while you wait from any retailer that refills on the spot. BCF and caravan repair workshops spring to mind.

Gas for a new house

As a gas specialist, I concentrate wholly on gas installations, service and repair and keep up to date with current gas legislation. While many plumbers also have a gas ticket, not all of them are gas experts. Some of them struggle to understand gas pipe sizing and rules and regulations for gas fitting. And some of them to be honest should just leave the gas well alone. Whether your plumber is licensed to do gas or not, when you are building a new house and pipes are being run internally within walls, you only get one chance to do it right. I am happy to liaise with your plumber and ensure the correct outcome for your requirements are achieved. What I don't want to do though is sign off on someone else's gas work. This unfortunately is a regular occurrence. If your plumber has run hidden pipework within walls and floors then only he can vouch for it for the life of the house. Issuing a gas certificate is a legal statement that the gas fitter takes full responsibility for the gas installation. Forever!

Gas regulator and or pipework upgrade

Gas regulators come in many different capacities and are suited for either single bottle, manual changeover or automatic changeover. New housing schemes usually get supplied with the cheapest possible option (a manual changeover valve). If you are tired of having to change over from one bottle to the other midway through a nice hot shower or having your baking ruined by the gas running out, then I recommend upgrading to an automatic changeover gas regulator. When the gas runs out it simply starts using gas from the second cylinder and a red flag is displayed to notify you that the first cylinder is empty.

If you already have a gas installation with a gas stove and are thinking about going for gas hot water instead of electric then depending upon the size of the hot water unit, the regulator and pipework may need to be upgraded to cope with the extra demand. This may not be as difficult as it sounds and a simple free inspection and quote will give you all the details.

automatic gas regulator installation
Automatic regulator for a stove and stainless steel flexible pigtails

Accurate gas pipe size guaranteed

There are formulas and sizing tables available to gasfitters for different piping material. A good gasfitter will always consult his pipe sizing tables to ensure that the correct amount of gas is available to each gas appliance at all times. Gas Connections Australia is certified to install Gas Pex yellow composite pipe with crimp fittings. This piping system is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 25 years. Yellow composite is ideal for places where it is not visible. For neat displays of pipework I prefer to use copper pipe and use a pipe bender wherever possible instead of brazing elbows every 10cm.

Gas to townhouses and units

If you're a builder or a plumbing company looking for a competitive quote for gas installations for a large project here on the Sunshine Coast, please contact me for more details.

commercial gasfitter
Gas isolation valves built for a new unit development