All the best chef's in the world cook with gas. It's quick, controllable and the burners are sized differently to suit your pans. You may be surprised at just how easy it is to get setup with either small or large gas bottles and it's quite economical to cook with gas too. Call Peter on 0415 737357 for a free quote and send the old electric to the dump.

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Buying a new gas cooking appliance

If you buy a new stove here in the Sunshine Coast region, it will come set up for natural gas even though we only have LPG bottle gas. It's a straightforward job to change to the smaller injectors that are supplied with every new stove. However, it doesn't end there. Each burner has an adjustment regulator to set the correct flame after converting from natural gas. Many customers are stuck with cooking that won't turn down properly because their plumber didn't know how to adjust it when it was installed. I've also noted that some installers seem to fit the natural gas regulator even though it's a propane installation. Don't pay twice to get your new gas stove installed. Get it done right the first time by hiring a professional. Who knows... it may even cost less than what Joe Bloggs would have charged to muck it up

Buying a second hand cooking appliance

Be careful when buying a second hand gas appliance. To legally install a gas appliance here on the Sunny Coast it must be certified for use in Australia. Most are but if it looks weird and has an unusual foreign or Chinese name, it's worth asking for the certificate number on the data badge. If it doesn't have one then don't risk it. The other thing to watch out for of course is what type of gas it is set for. If it's a natural gas appliance it's unlikely to come with the propane jets for conversion. New jets can usually be sourced from the original manufacturer for a price. That's if they are still operating. If you need advice about purchasing a second hand gas appliance please get in touch.

Electrics for the gas ignition

When changing over from an electric cooking appliance to a gas appliance, chances are you will need an electrician to convert the hard wired heavy duty cable into a standard GPO socket. Gas cooktops, stoves and ovens pretty much all use electrics for ignition, timers, lights etc. Only the most basic models from the likes of Chef don't. If you don't know any electricians I can always arrange for one or two that I know to get the job done. It's a simple job for them.

The gas certificate

For every gas appliance that is installed, the gasfitter has to supply you with a safety certificate to confirm that the appliance has been installed per the gas code. The gasfitter also has a duty of care to ensure that your entire gas installation is safe and compliant. That means you the customer need to be made aware of anything that isn't right. Generally speaking, the most likely issues would be compliance issues to do with the gas cylinders. Other trades should know that there is a clearance zone around the cylinders and regulator but still there are those that install air con units and pumps etc too close. If the problem can't be rectified straight away the gasfitter is required (by the department of mines and energy) to issue a non compliance notice. Most of the time though there is no problem and everybody is happy.

gas appliance installation and repair
Gaggenau griddle, wok burner and 2 burner standard cooktops with electric hotplate on the right