When was the last time your gas system had a pressure test done? If you think you can smell gas or have any safety or compliance concerns or the gas company will no longer deliver your gas then please contact me at any time. Be safe, not sorry! 

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Caravan and RV safety

The copper pipework, hoses and flared joints on your recreational vehicle can take quite a beating as you travel around Australia.,especially if you take the less worn road. Add to this, normal expansion and contraction and you can understand that occasionally things can work loose. Not to scare you. It's highly unlikely that you would ever have such a bad leak that would be at risk of explosion but there is no such thing as a safe leak with propane gas. Not only that, who wants to pay for their gas to slowly seep away under the van?

Often it's only when you go to sell the van or upgrade an appliance that the gasfitter tells you that you have a leak. If you're lucky it's just a quick fix and a quarten turn of the spanner. If you're unlucky, you may have a worn valve at your hot water unit that leaks gas when it's supposed to shut off. Either or, for peace of mind, a quick test with a digital manometer will let you know what condition your gas installation is in.

Gas leak repairer

If you have ever wondered whether your gas system is compliant (especially with a brand new van) then get a safety inspection done while you can still get the manufacturer or seller to pay for the installation to be done properly. Usual problems are fridge installed with no attempt at sealing the back and sides or no deflector fitted to prevent stagnant hot air. Not only that, but the fridge will not work as the fridge manufacturer intended if it's not installed correctly. Other problems are non compliant pipework and regulators fitted below the level of the cylinders or upside down. It shouldn't happen in this day and age but it does. You pay your hard earned money for an expensive caravan. It should be compliant from the get go. But the only way you will know is to get an independent expert to check it.

As for second hand vans and motorhomes... who knows which Tom, Dick or Harry has been fiddling with the gas and doing his own DIY repairs and extensions. You wouldn't buy a house without getting it inspected for defects. Why should your caravan or RV be any different? Sure you may have a gas certificate from the seller but sometimes it's not worth the paper it's printed on. If a plumber can issue a certificate for a freshly imported British caravan with non approved gas appliances and an upside down regulator then anything is possible. Get yourself some peace of mind by getting a safety inspection done and enjoy your travels worry free!

Domestic gas system safety checks

Most people just trust that their gas appliances and pipework were installed correctly many years ago. Even the gas network operators who deliver the replacement cylinders may overlook obvious non compliance issues just because they have been delivering gas to the same house for many years. That should be changing though as the gas inspectorate is actively trying to force the gas suppliers to lift their game (as noted at the annual gas inspectorate trade night in Maroochydore). If you receive notification from your supplier that your gas system no longer complies or requires an upgrade, don't just take their word for it. Some suppliers seem to be up-selling to increase their profit margin and charging hefty sums for a half hour repair and a replacement regulator. Get a second (free) opinion if you think this is happening to you.

As with caravans, few people seem interested in knowing whether their gas system is leaking or not. If it's an old installation it may not even have a test point fitted at the regulator or even have been tested in its life. I keep an extensive range of gas regulators, fittings and test points on my truck. Getting your gas system tested for safety is no big deal. It's peace of mind and once done you will be able to rest easy for years knowing that everything is safe. All work is of course guaranteed.

old gas regulator
Time for this old single stage regulator to be upgraded to a modern twin stage. All fixed installations must have a twin stage.

Book in a safety check up so that you can rest easy on your travels